Theses and Dissertations

The University has a vibrant student community that engages in research.

School of Education

The School of Education comprises of students taking education courses at the university and the respective faculty members. Research in the School of Education looks into areas that include but not limited to: Enhancing university teaching and learning methodsCompetency Based Curriculum implications in university educationDeveloping…

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School of Social Sciences

The School of Social Sciences at Lukenya University harbours Community Development, History, Geography programmes and other related social sciences. The areas of research in the School include among other areas: Embracing values and moralsEnhancing law and human rightsCommunity development issuesPeace and conflict issues Historical, geographical…

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School of Agriculture and Technical Studies

School of Agriculture and Technical Studies at Lukenya University encompasses Dryland Agriculture, General Agriculture, Food and Beverage Management, Building Technology among other related studies. Research in the school focuses on areas such as: Enhancing resilience in global food security.Biodiversity conservationEnvironmental restoration and climate change mitigationGreen…

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School of Business and Economics

Research in the School of Business and Economics handles issues in Business Administration and Management, Marketing, Purchasing and Business logistics, Finance and Economics among other related areas. These include concerns such as: Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurshipElectronic commerceData driven decision makingBusiness  intelligencePolicy and strategyTerrorism and BusinessData…

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School of Pure and Applied Sciences

In the area of Pure and Applied Sciences the research at the Lukenya University focuses on areas such as: Health, Medicare and developmentLibrary, transport, information, communication, record management and mediaEngineering, science and technologyUniversal HealthcareCovid-19 pandemic status: challenges and opportunities

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