Covid-19 and Business: The Paradigm Shift in Doing Business in Kenya
1 file(s) 5 downloads
Business and Economics
Exploring the State of Virtual Business Incubation in Kenya: A Survey of Selected Business Incubators
1 file(s) 21 downloads
Business and Economics
Strategic Direction and Organization Effectiveness of Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies in Kenya
0 file(s) download
Business and Economics
Determining the Popularity and Effectiveness of Green Marketing in Kenyan University Students Market Group
1 file(s) 10 downloads
Business and Economics
Modelling a Forecasting Platform for Small and Medium Enterprises in Kenya
1 file(s) 7 downloads
Business and Economics
Deployment of Block Chain Technology on Supply Chains: Opportunities during Emergencies. Insights from Related Literature
1 file(s) 6 downloads
Business and Economics
The Use of Social Media Applications on Business Performance in the Covid 19 Era: A Study of Selected MSMES in Nairobi Central Business District
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Business and Economics

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