Standardization of Light Emiting Diode Feedback on Solar Home Systems (A Review)




Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are used in a variety of devices ranging from watches to
solar home systems, as status indicators or communicative tools. They are typically
designed to produce light in different colors and intensities. However, the communicative
output varies across devices of similar or different functions. This variation and the
sense that there is a wide array of expressions that can be employed, makes it hard for users
of the devices to deduce the feedback easily.

To address this gap, this paper looks at researches that highlight the importance of
LEDs, their incorporation in various devices especially solar home systems and the challenges that arise from lack of standardization of their expressivity. The findings show that LEDs are a dominant lighting technology and that through Internet of Things (IoT) they are going to become

even more prevalent in user devices.


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