Education Sustainability as a Vehicle to Country Development

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Education Sustainability as a Vehicle to Country Development

According to the constitution of Kenya, 2010 and the Basic Education Act 2012, Education is a right that each child in Kenya must be given. It is on this premise that the government of Kenya spends more than five per cent of her GDP in Education. Every child has a right to free and quality education provided by the government. World bodies like UNESCO, USAid have played a major role in promoting access to quality education at all levels in the society in order to transform the society by reorienting education. Such bodies work with the government to ensure that students through the education system develop knowledge, skills, values and acceptable behaviors that are needed for sustainable development in the world.

The Kenya government in her endeavor to give quality education for sustainability has changed the curriculum to ensure that a holistic student will be the end product. The curriculum known as the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) is premised on different theories that are aimed at identifying the learner’s’ strength and ensuring that learners’ talents are identified and nurtured. This paper discusses the links between education and sustainability with an aim of promoting learning that links knowledge that the students learn at school or within the society, their inquisitive skills developed through the education circles and their ability to perform different activities in order to help them build a healthy sustainable future for their communities and the world at large.

The Vision 2030 has one of its objective aimed at transforming Kenya into a newly industrialized, middle-income country providing a high quality of life to all its citizens. It is envisaged that education sector will play a major role in the country’s endeavour to industrialize by the year 2030.

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