Theme: Influence of Economic Contagion in the times of COVID-19 in Kenya and beyond:
Creating a unified foundation through Research, Practice and Innovation.
HOST: School of Business and Economics, Lukenya University, Mtito Andei, Kenya
DATE: 11TH -13TH August 2021

Lukenya University invites you to the Inaugural School of Business and Economics International Conference on Business, Management and Economics, which will be held using a blended approach (virtual and in person) on August 11th- 13th, 2021. The conference is the premier forum for the sharing of new advances and research in Business, Management and Economics while focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals and Vision 2030.
Sub Themes: The following are thematic areas and sub themes.

-Business Negotiation | -Business Planning  | -Change Management  | -Developing Employees | -Emerging Markets | -Family Businesses  | -In Sourcing /Outsourcing | -Performance Measurement  | -Public-private partnership | -Business Leadership  | -Competitive Strategy

Accounting Analysis  |-Accounting Ethics Bankruptcy  |-Commercial Lending  |-Government Sponsored Enterprises  |-Income Tax  |-Mutual Funds |-Stock Markets  |-Venture Capital

Business Negotiation Business Planning  Change Management  Developing Employees Emerging Markets  Family Businesses  In Sourcing /Outsourcing Performance Measurement  Public-private partnership Business Leadership  Competitive Strategy

Accounting Analysis  Accounting Ethics Bankruptcy  Commercial Lending  Government Sponsored Enterprises  Income Tax  Mutual Funds  Stock Markets  Venture Capital

Instructions for Submission of Abstracts

Submission of abstracts in soft copy (MS word and PDF) should be on or before 25th July

Abstracts should be between 250 and 300 words, Times New Roman, 12 point in single
spacing. They should include the title,subtheme, author(s) full name(s), institutional affiliation and email of corresponding author. The abstract should be factual and concise. It should state briefly the purpose of the research, methodology, the principal results, major
conclusions and recomendations. Include at most 5 key words at the bottom.

Important revised deadlines and information are:

Important revised deadlines and information are:
Abstract submission: 25th July 2021
Notification of acceptance : 2nd August 2021
Paper Submission Deadline: 30th July 2021
Registration Deadline: 6th August 2021
Conference Dates: 11th-13th August 2021

The University has subsidized the conference fee as follows:
· East African participants Ksh 5000.00 or USD 50 (Note those who will register before
30th July 2021 and partners of Lukenya University will pay Ksh 4000.00 or USD 40)
· Students: Ksh. 3000
· International participants (beyond East Africa): Ksh. 6000 or USD 60. However, those who would register before 30th July 2021 will get a discount of USD 10 or equivalent.
Well-researched papers will be published in our Lukenya University Multidisciplinary
Journal and on the University’s website.

Kindly forward the same to your friends, colleagues and ask them to join the conference.

NOTE: The papers abstracts and any enquiries can be emailed to:  You can call +254722383175 for enquiries.

Mode of payment

i. Mpesa details:- Lipa na Mpesa

Business number: 522522

Account number: 1179910354

Note: For mpesa transactions, kindly send the mpesa confirmation notification that you receive via sms to +254712039907 and +254722383175

ii. Bank Details:-

Bank name: Kenya Commercial Bank Account name: Lukenya University Account number: 1179910354

Branch: Mtito Andei

Swift code: KCBLKENX

Note: For bank deposit, please scan and email the deposit slip to and copy to Personal cheques will not be accepted.