About Us

Lukenya University is committed to the advancement of research, innovation, collaboration and partnerships. The Lukenya University Research and Development portal provides a platform to share achievements and lessons from completed initiatives, to communicate new initiatives in support of our vision and mission and to form collaborations and partnerships that promote greater development. Therefore, we invite you to join us in fulfilling these aspirations. Our philosophy is “Grow Greener”. We supports green innovative ideas in all spheres of life.

In our research portal you will find the following:

  • Research outputs such as publications and call for papers
  • Our researchers, reviewers and editorial board
  • Research projects
  • Colloquia and research related activities, grants and awards
  • Research infrastructure for Lukenya University
  • Information on organizational units such as Schools, departments and other research groups

In progressing the Vision 2030, Lukenya University research promotes transformations in the economic, social and political spheres that are informed through purposeful research. Our research in Education and Social Sciences; Business and Economics; Health, Science and Technology; Climate Change, Adaptation and Agriculture aims at improving the quality of life. Issues such as inventive practices in healthcare delivery and education, care about climate change and nature, biodiversity, waste disposal, reduced resource consumption and energy efficient systems are our concern.


To foster quality multidisciplinary research in line with market needs for development.


Delivering quality research to support green innovations and informed decision making.

Research Objectives

  1. To facilitate sharing and engagement on current research areas with the research community.
  2. To make research a key activity that involves staff, students and society.
  3. To promote knowledge transfer of research outcomes.
  4. To provide quality research outputs for informed decision making.
  5. To extend the boundaries of research, through conferences, science exhibitions, seminars and workshops.
  6. To advance green innovative ideas for societal development.