The National Research Foundation (NRF) Funded Cassava Project at Lukenya University

On 3rd March 2021 the monitoring and evaluation team from the National Research Foundation (NRF) visited Lukenya University. This was in connection with a collaborative cassava project running at Lukenya University funded by the National Research Foundation. The collaboration involves Lukenya University, South Eastern Kenya University, Masai Mara University, Scott University, KARLO and Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. The Lukenya University cassava project was ranked No.1 among the partner institutions.

Through this project, Lukenya University and collaborating institutions are instrumental towards the National Agenda on Food Security by ensuring availability of food even in the dry season. Value addition on the cassava would be done to ensure maximum economic benefits from the crop. The project involves diverse stakeholders including capacity building of students and farmers. Different varieties of the crop are under investigation. A Cassava Germplasm Centre would be set up at the University whereby access to the required seeds and material would be made possible to the neighboring community and other stakeholders.






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